Saturday, February 13, 2021

A Classic Reborn: The Equalizer (2021)

 It wasn't too long ago that the 80's series, The Equalizer, had been rebooted as a feature film with Denzel Washington taking over the role of Robert McCall, originally portrayed by Edward Woodward in the original series.

After two feature films, Equalizer returns to CBS with an additional change. Robert McCall is now Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah), divorcee and ex-CIA operative, who is persuaded to return to action by her former boss, Robert Bishop (Chris Noth, ex-Sex & The City, Law & Order), now the head of a security firm. 

Robyn's first case involves a young woman looking to get into college, but who makes the mistake of witnessing a murder, then gets framed for same. Robyn's also got issues with her teenage daughter, who feels neglected to a point. Lorraine Toussaint, most recently in Into The Badlands, plays Robyn's mother, who has to help care for her granddaughter.

Here's the trailer:

The Equalizer represents Latifah's 1st primetime series since Living Single ended its run more than 20 years ago. She's done a talk show since then, but the way critics talk, they're having a hard time buying her as an action hero. CBS, really, isn't doing her any favors by slotting Equalizer opposite Batwoman on CW, whose new star, Javicia Leslie, appeared on CBS' God Friended Me, which Equalizer is essentially replacing on Sundays. Still, the series falls into the same type as Batwoman and some of its Arrowverse kin over on CW, as the title hero has some backup that communicates with her remotely while she's in the field. Not digging the idea of Robyn running into problems with the police. That sort of thing didn't happen in the original series.

Rating: B.

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