Sunday, February 21, 2021

YouTube Theatre: The Great Radio Comedians (1972)

 In the early 70's, a local radio station began airing reruns of a number of old radio shows. WQBK morning host Bill Edwardsen would play The Bickersons, for example. After school brought a block of classic dramas, including The Shadow, Lone Ranger, & Gang Busters. WROW was the home of the CBS Radio Mystery Theatre, at the time hosted by E. G. Marshall (The Bold Ones).

What brought on the interest in the oldies? One answer is likely a PBS documentary, "The Great Radio Comedians", which takes a fond look back at the radio years of Burns & Allen and Jack Benny, as well as Fibber McGee & Molly, Allen's Alley, and Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy.

Ken Roberts, at the time the announcer for Love of Life on CBS and its parody, the Love of Chair skits on PBS' original Electric Company, is our host.

Roberts' career dates back to The Shadow, among other radio legends.

Rating: A.

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