Thursday, February 11, 2021

It's time the FCC took this nut off the air

 By that, I mean Tabloid Carlson of Fox Shmooze, who is now trying to peddle the false claim that George Floyd died of a drug overdose last May, instead of being killed by a Minneapolis police officer.

Carlson made this ridiculous claim on Wednesday, thinking that, 8 1/2 months later, people will forget the circumstances surrounding Floyd's death. Not only that, but Carlson is trying to dispute the truth surrounding last month's insurrection at the Capitol, and, like most Republican apologists, is trying to blame the Black Lives Matter movement, which had nothing to do with it. Like, it's on film, Tabloid. You had Trump supporters storming the Capitol. You can't lie about that, but you're trying anyway.

Right now, let's hear from Tabloid's agent:

"No comment!!"

However, Tabloid did get roasted on Twitter, with actors George Takei & Patton Oswalt among those weighing in. Takei went so far as to suggest that Carlson be given the boot, just days after Fox Shmooze sacked Lou Dobbs. Others are calling for boycotts of sponsors, a tactic that doesn't always work.

Meanwhile, Fox Shmooze is getting slammed for cutting away from coverage of the impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump at 5 pm (ET) so they can avoid pre-empting The Five. Rival CNN is claiming that Fox Shmooze doesn't want to give their viewers the truth, even though there are pundits, such as Farron Cousins, who believe America's Oldest Baby will be acquitted again.

As someone who actually took a journalism course in high school many moons ago, it's easy to say that this is irresponsible on the part of Fox Shmooze. They don't want their viewer base to see the evidence that could actually surprise everyone, even all the doubters, and shut down Trump for good. To the idiot savants at Fox Shmooze, we offer this unsolicited comment:

So there.

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