Saturday, February 20, 2021

The clock is ticking on Texas Republicans......

 While Texas Senator Ted Cruz was shamed into cutting short a hastily scheduled vacation to Cancun, putting his dog at risk in doing so, fellow Republicans Greg Abbott & Dan Patrick are also suffering from a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease.

Patrick, the Lieutenant Governor, and Abbott, the governor, have tried to reassure citizens at home, but then go on national media outlets, such as---where else??----Fox Shmooze, to make excuses about windmills and climate change.

Patrick will never be confused with his namesake, the former SportsCenter anchor-turned-talk show host, whose daily chat-fest is simulcast on NBC Sports Network for now. Likewise, Abbott won't be mistaken for a 80's R & B singer whose biggest hit was "Shake You Down".

But, it begs to ask. Why are these prominent GOPers making like groundhogs running from their shadows after February 2 while Democrats, including those from out of town, are doing everything they can to help?

Take Beto O'Rourke for example. If Cruz's Senate seat was on the line this fall, he'd lose it to O'Rourke based on O'Rourke's work this week, helping care for starving, frozen citizens.

And, as for fundraising? Even Scrooge McDuck would've written a phat check for disaster relief, something the GOPers haven't had the nerve to do as of this writing.

Enter Alex From The Block.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, from the Bronx, raised over a million dollars in less than 24 hours for disaster relief for Texans. But that isn't enough to shame the GOPers, oh, no.

Dumb Donald II (Donald Trump, Jr.) had to open his big mouth. He posted a video on social media trying to defend Sea Cruz, and accidentally, without mentioning his name, mislabeled Abbott as a Democrat.

Farron Cousins has the video, and a commentary:

As usual, Trump led with his mouth without bothering to fish for facts. I'd happily lay some cheddar to see AOC lay the verbal smack down on this dimwit in person. Yo, DDII. Leading with your mouth might've worked for Muhammad Ali back in the day, but for a career moron like you, you're only digging the grave deeper for your fellow GOPers. Just not deep enough to elude Deputy Dawg, mind you.


Silverstar said...

I think it should also be mentioned that President Biden sent 60 generators as well as several rations of meals, water and blankets to the people of Texas. Oddly enough, the media outlets have barely been covering Biden's involvement, probably because he didn't turn it into a media circus. He didn't tell Texas to go plug a hole because it's a red state and they didn't vote for him, he didn't force the Texas lawmakers to kiss his ring first, he didn't fly over there for half an hour just to toss paper towels at them, he just did his job and offered aid and assistance like a President's supposed to. Funny how people from out of state did more the people of Texas than their elected officials, while the private power companies just swam in their money bins like Scrooge McDuck celebrating hitting the jackpot while their consumers literally froze to death, ain't it?

And to think, just 2 or 3 weeks prior to this disaster, some Texans were talking about succession. Good luck with that, fellas.

hobbyfan said...

And to update what I wrote, AOC has now raised $4 million. What have the GOPers done, except run?

Mike Doran said...

Not to be a nitpicker ...

As my earlier comments here will bear out, I bow to no one in my lack of admiration for Mr. Trump or any of his minions, and in particular for Mr. Cruz.

That said, I listened to and read that tweet from DJTJ, and inarticulate as it was, I was able to dope out that the "Democrat Governor" that he was referring to was Andrew Cuomo of New York.
Remember that it's an article of faith among the FarRight Commentariat that all Democrats get a free ride from the news and entertainment media; many of the FRCs have a Cuomo fixation of Gargantuan proportions.
(Anyone who saw last night's SNL should know what a load of expired horseradish that is.)
So it shouldn't really surprise anyone that Donald the Younger should be at least as illiterate as his father.
We on the Other Side, however, ought to know better.
As I've said before, here and elsewhere, the Trump Era/Error is far from over - especially with the Next (de)Generation waiting in the wings.

Oh, by the way, Silverstar:
What those Texans were talking about was secession - leaving the United States.
Which, if you recall History, didn't work out all that well back in the day ...

Silverstar said...

@Mike: Oh yeah. Whoops. Thanks for pointing that out. Ironically, I made the same mistake that a Texas lawmaker made in his op-ed piece about secession. :P

hobbyfan said...

@Mike: With Dumb Donald II, you tend to read what he says at face value, and his reference to a Democrat Governor, given the sitch in Cruz's state, didn't really have anything to do with Cuomo, who suddenly isn't the White Knight in opposition to Dumb Donald I now that he's admitted that some nursing home numbers in relation to COVID were fudged, though not as badly as President Pampers' handling of the pandemic.

And it probably bothers Dumb Donald II to no end that AOC picked up the White Knight armor and came to Texas to help with relief efforts.