Monday, February 1, 2021

A collection of passings

 This is not a good way to start a new month.

Four celebrity passings in the last three days (or more) gets this week started on a major downer.

*---Allan Burns, 85, was a prolific writer-producer during the 50's through the 80's, with a resume that includes shows as diverse as The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rocky & His Friends, the latter in collaboration with Chris Hayward. Burns & Hayward also developed The Munsters of Universal & CBS (1964-6).

*---Jamie Tarses, 56, was the daughter of comedian and comedy writer Jay Tarses, but made her mark as a network executive at NBC & ABC in the 80's.

*---Marc Wilmore, 57, was a writer and occasional performer on In Living Color, and also wrote for The Simpsons, among his many credits.

*--Dustin Diamond, 44, succumbed to stage 4 lung cancer. Best known for the original Saved by The Bell and its spinoffs, Diamond did not contribute to the revival, which debuted on Peacock right before Thanksgiving.

Following is a compilation of clips, also available at Saturday Morning Archives, of Diamond as Screech, and his on-screen romance with Violet (Tori Spelling):

Rest in peace.

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