Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Classic TV: This is The Life/The Fisher Family/Patterns For Living (1952-88)

 The long running anthology series, This is The Life, began life as The Fisher Family when it premiered on DuMont in 1952. However, the series was cancelled by DuMont after one season, and went into syndication, retaining the Fisher Family format for three more years before changing formats to the anthology format for which it is best known, and the name change to This is The Life.

Many of the same actors who appeared on other religious anthologies such as Insight and Crossroads also appeared on Life between 1956-88, when the series came to an end after 36 years total on the air. Earlier episodes were reissued under the alternate title, Patterns For Living.

From season 2 of the Fisher Family era comes "The Neighbor Next Door":

I'd imagine the show is currently in the vaults of either TBN, Daystar, or other Christian networks.

Rating: A.

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