Friday, February 26, 2021

A little of this and a little of that

 Talk about over-reaction!

Just days after he'd made the decision to step down as host of The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Chris Harrison turned up last night on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, and viewers weren't having it, complaining about it on Twitter.

Reality check time! The episode was taped well before Harrison made his decision to leave Bachelor, a fact not included in the article appearing this morning on Yahoo!. Because it's a sweeps month for ratings, ABC decided to leave Harrison in, and he raised over $60,000 for Feeding America in winnings.

With the Bachelor scandal still fresh in people's minds, it's easy to forget to read between the lines.
The way Geraldo Rivera sees it, classifying migrants entering this country improperly as "illegal aliens" means they're being pre-judged.

Appearing on Spam Hannity's Fox Shmooze show Thursday, Rivera tried to get his point across that he believes if you're labeling people as "illegal aliens", then you're adjudicating a case before it even gets to court. Spam wasn't having that, and, along with another guest, kept shouting down Rivera until he was given an opportunity to speak freely.

"He didn't want to hear it, did he?"

No, he didn't, Mortimer, you're right. Spam has his agendas to push on behalf of the Legion of The Brainwashed, and a common sense argument from a legit journalist like Rivera doesn't fit with Hannity.

On the same show, Dumb Donald II (Donald Trump, Jr., of course) ranted about how GOPers should do more pushing back against the Democrats. This while President Biden is encouraging a more bi-partisan government. Anything to ensure America's Oldest Baby remains at the forefront for the GOPers.

As if you couldn't guess, Spam Hannity, for ignoring common sense arguments and having a world class moron on his show, gets the Dunce Cap.
Locally, radio station WROW has had a daily promotion with Dolce & Biscotti, a bakery in Clifton Park, where the bakery gives away a birthday cake to a lucky listener.

After a customer mistakenly crashed into the bakery the other day, WROW was forced to suspend the cake giveaways until Dolce & Biscotti can reopen later this year. Morning host Ben Patton made it as clear as possible on the air. He'll still read local & celebrity birthdays Monday-Friday, but it'll be some time before the bakery reopens.
President Biden is visiting Texas today to survey the damage from last week's storms. However, Senator Ted Cruz will not be there to greet him. Instead, Cruz is a featured speaker at the CPAC conference in Orlando, where Citizen Pampers will speak tomorrow. Once again, Cruz is running away from responsibility. Sure, he finally did something last weekend, packing bags of food for needy families, but that was to try to save what little dignity he has left, having already been shamed for fleeing to Cancun, and then seeing Alex From The Block (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) raise over $5 million in relief funds via social media.

"You mean, uh, he's like Trump? Can't deal with smart women?"

That's about the size of it, dude. They say you don't mess with Texas. Texas messes with itself.

Yeah, Cruz is getting another Dunce Cap.

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