Thursday, February 4, 2021

Forgotten TV: The Shameful Secrets of Hastings Corner (1969-70)

 Peyton Place had ended its primetime run on ABC. Still, the series was ripe for parody, so Screen Gems comedy boss Harry Ackerman, in one of his last projects, gave it a shot.

The Shameful Secrets of Hastings Corner starts by copying the opening to Place, but as the show goes on, Hastings Corner promises far more sinister doings seem to be afoot, at least, if you believe narrator Alan Oppenheimer, who plays a psychologist. Our cast also includes Madge Blake (ex-Batman), Barry Williams (The Brady Bunch; this was filmed before Brady), Woodrow Parfrey, and Hal Linden in a dual role as a district attorney and his evil twin. Karen Black, in one of her first roles, also appears.

I think you can see why this failed.

Rating: C.

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