Thursday, February 18, 2021

Celebrity Rock: A Hammer & A Nail (1967)

 Before Joe Frazier took up singing as a side gig, Ernie Terrell was able to juggle his twin careers as a boxer and a musician.

Terrell wrote his own songs, and it was this talent, plus the opportunity to promote a WBA title fight vs. Muhammad Ali two nights later, that brought Terrell and his family band, the Heavyweights, to The Hollywood Palace on February 4, 1967. Terrell's sister, Jean, would later succeed Diana Ross as the lead singer of the Supremes.

The Heavyweights perform "A Hammer & A Nail" after an introduction by host du jour Jack Benny. After an interview with Benny, Ernie goes solo for a song about Ali.

Sad to say, Ali demolished Ernie in their fight to reclaim the WBA title, ending a lengthy chase after Ali had been stripped of the title a couple of years earlier.

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