Friday, February 5, 2021

Citizen Pampers doesn't want to be an actor anymore......

 Former President Donald Trump, with his sense of reality still skewed due to his over-inflated ego, decided to resign from the Screen Actors Guild earlier this week, after someone tipped him to the news that SAG was going to expel him from their august body due to his many presidential sins, specifically inciting a riot at the Capitol last month.

SAG President Gabrielle Carteris (ex-Beverly Hills 90210) tweeted her thanks on behalf of the group.

Basically, America's Oldest Baby opted for one of the oldest cliches in the book, unwilling to let SAG have the last word with him, although they did. Remember, this delusional geriatric doesn't like anyone telling him he's wrong. Spoiled children that never grow up are like that.

Nearly 40 years ago, Blotto had the perfect song for this sort of scenario. Many thanks to fellow blogger Chuck Miller for the inspiration:

And you wonder why they wanted to excise his scene in "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York".......!

Update, 12:39 pm (ET): Farron Cousins offers his take:

Yeah, he said it. Trump channeled his inner child, as usual.....!


Mike Doran said...

Just for Laffs, I looked up Donald Trump's "acting career" on IMDb.
You might not be surprised to learn that almost all of these appearances were cameo walk-ons as His Imperial Self.

Most people that I know don't consider walk-ons like this to be "acting".

Nearly all of these come from Trump's years as a real estate tycoon/swindler; since many of them were without billing or credit, they tend to get swallowed up under the label "Self".
Since IMDb now counts many of his popups from before, during, and after his "Presidential years" as part of that "Self" list, the total runs to several hundred (I forget the exact total - and I only just looked it up moments ago, but I don't have the heart to go back).

Among his "Actor" credits, they are almost all as himself - with one notable exception:
In the 1994 reboot of The Little Rascals, Donald Trump is credited as "Waldo's Father".
I've never seen this one, and though my curiosity can be as morbid as anyone's, I'm by no means sure that I'm up for checking it out.
Anyone here who wants to take a chance - Godspeed.

As to SAG/AFTRA discipline:
Trump himself mentions dues payments, which leads me to infer that that might be one reason for discipline, since the Ex-Chief-Ex is known for not liking to pay for things.
But that's not for me to speculate, So There Too.

You didn't mention SAG/AFTRA's official response to Mr. Trump's resignation, which I quote here in its entirety:


(Like I said before: You know we're never gonna be rid of this guy - EVER.)

hobbyfan said...

Mike, I referenced the statement when I said Gabrielle Carteris tweeted her thanks. I've not seen the 1994 remake of the Little Rascals, either, have no intention to, now that I know Citizen Pampers is in it.