Tuesday, September 8, 2020

A little of this and a little of that

You can add the prospect of hearing loss to the list of unreported ailments for President Trump.

At a Monday press briefing, Trump ordered a Reuters reporter to remove his protective mask because he couldn't quite make out the questions the reporter was asking. The Associated Press' YouTube channel has the footage:

As their headline notes, Trump, as usual took shots as his opponent, Joe Biden, for how Biden wears his mask. The problem there is that Biden, like the reporter, is doing the right thing, but the vain Trump refuses to wear a mask in public a large majority of the time. As for the reporter, Trump complained that the mask muffled the reporter's voice. The reporter, Jeff Stark, raised his voice so that Trump could hear him, and that ended the dispute without the mask being removed.
Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, revealed in his forthcoming book that---shock of shocks---Trump is modeling his presidency after Russian ruler Vladimir Putin because he admires Putin. Putin, like Trump, was a businessman before entering politics. However, I'd imagine Putin, having served in the Russian military, has more respect for his armed forces than Trump has for ours.
Sad news from Hollywood over the weekend.

Actor Kevin Dobson (ex-Kojak, Knots Landing) passed away at 77. Cause unknown as of press time. Dobson, like many other primetime stars, got his start in daytime drama, with One Life to Live, The Bold & The Beautiful, & Days of Our Lives also on his resume.
As demonstrated over the holiday weekend, college football is being played with a limited number of fans in the stands, approximately 10-25% capacity, depending on where the game is played.

However, the spectre of COVID-19 still lingers, as Oklahoma State and Tulsa pushed back their season opening match to September 19 to allow extra time for the Golden Hurricane to undergo testing for the virus.

As we've documented, President Trump is demanding that the Big 10 reverse its decision not to play, if but because some of its member schools are in "swing states", such as Michigan & Ohio, and he needs votes in those states in order to be re-elected. His child-like bullying approach to the issue, however, conceivably can and probably will backfire.

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