Friday, September 18, 2020

A study in contrasts on the road

 Thursday, CNN hosted a Town Hall with Democratic candidate Joe Biden in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile,  President Trump held a rally in Wisconsin where social distancing was ignored, as were masks for the most part. Par for the course for the man-child in office living in a delusional fantasy world.

 In stark contrast, CNN's venue was socially distanced, and Biden looked like a star, with moderator Anderson Cooper across the stage. As Brian Tyler Cohen shows us, Biden saved most of his venom not just for Trump, but for Attorney General Bill (Corner) Barr, Trump's consigliore.

Barr, you see, stuck his foot in his mouth, likening COVID-19 to putting innocent Americans in slavery. It couldn't be further from the truth. The Trump administration insists on trading on fear and paranoia to cover the President's many insecurities, but as we know, those horses left the barn a while ago. Trump would rather trade lives for votes. Political strategist Steve Schmidt, appearing on MSNBC, labeled Trump "a dime store, slurring Mussolini". OUCH! Trump willfully allowed attendees at his rally to violate their state's social distancing mandates and run the risk of getting sick. If they do catch the virus, it's not only on them, but Trump as well.

One plank on Trump's platform has been to question Biden's mental faculties. That, along with a number of other issues, reflect badly on the President himself, as he is projecting his own issues onto his opponent. A true fighter finds his last reserves of strength when backed up against a wall or a corner. That's not the case with Trump. He's been leading with his mouth for too long. He projects child-like insecurity, stoking fear and paranoia, and having no real compassion. Biden is the opposite, presenting the dignity, compassion, and humility we expect from our leaders.

Imagine, if you will, the Hall of Presidents at Disneyland. They'd be ashamed to include a statue of Trump, and would just as soon substitute a Disney icon like Donald Duck or Goofy. Trump thinks he's on a par with the likes of Lincoln, Nixon, & Reagan. They'd turn over in their graves. For all his flaws, Biden reminds me more of Jimmy Carter with his quiet dignity.

Come November 3, who would you rather have as President? A political veteran who has compassion, or a paranoid, deranged man-child?


Mike Doran said...

Every time that Mr. Trump questions Mr. Biden's faculties, I'm reminded of a wise old saying:

When you point a finger at someone else, you're pointing three back at yourself.

Here's your homework assignment:
Take a transcript of Mr. Trump speaking extemporaneously (not from a prepared text), and try to diagram one of the sentences.
Tough job, I know: first you have to figure out where the "sentences" begin and end.

hobbyfan said...

I've heard that proverb, Mike. As I wrote, Trump is projecting his own shortcomings on Biden, and selling that to his base. I wouldn't waste time with transcripts. When I'm looking at a video such as the one I used here, I skip past anything America's Oldest Baby says, because it's all hot air & bullshit.