Friday, September 4, 2020

Sports this 'n' that

To follow up on our NFL predictions from yesterday, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick took time out from his Subway diet to announce that, not surprisingly, Cam Newton, acquired as a free agent from Carolina in the offseason, would be the starting quarterback this season. Despite his injury history, Newton gives the Pats an extra dimension on the ground, something his predecessor, Tom Brady, didn't have. The reason I picked New England to win another division title was because now they have the balanced offense they squandered the last few years to appease Brady.
Reports are out that the Washington Deviants are planning on cutting running back Adrian Peterson, likely to save money for legal bills. Joking aside, I don't think Peterson is done yet, and will resurface somewhere else. Hmmm. Saquon Barkley could use a veteran mentor on the Giants' sidelines.......
The NBA's Brooklyn Nets, when they were in New Jersey, gave Jason Kidd his first coaching job.

Now, the Nets are doing the same for former star Steve Nash, who played for Phoenix & Dallas during his illustrious career. Apparently, Nets ownership is thinking in terms of name value, and the New York Post and other media outlets whined about the lack of consideration toward minority candidates. Hey, we don't know if any African-American coaches were interviewed in the course of the search. What we do know is that Nash was recommended by Kevin Durant, who figures to be in the lineup when the new season begins in December.

Yeah, Durant pulled a LeBron James ploy. It's a players' league now, for certain.
The Mets honored Hall of Famer Tom Seaver Thursday by having all players & coaches rub dirt on the right knee of their uniform pants, in reference to how Seaver often got his uni dirty when pitching.

After Yankee closer Aroldis Chapman blew his 2nd save of the season in the 9th, rookie Albert Abreu was rudely welcomed to Queens by Pete Alonso, who hit a walk-off two run homer to win the game for the Mets, 9-7.

Both of Chapman's blown saves, oh, by the way, have come in the last week against the Mets.
In what has been a wacky sports summer, with the NBA & NHL playoffs ongoing, college football kicks off Saturday with a smaller than usual Week 1 schedule, due to so many teams opting out of the 2020 season due to coronavirus.

The showcase game of the week figures to be a matchup between Brigham Young and Navy on Monday night. Whodathunk? Power 5 conferences such as the SouthEastern Conference are refraining from non-conference tomato cans this season, opting for a shortened season. Army opens their season on Saturday.

When Army & Navy meet in December, if President Trump decides to show up for what would be his final Army-Navy game as President, he might have to wear a straitjacket, assuming he loses. Just sayin'.


magicdog said...

You may want to add the Golden Knights have one last chance to get past the Canucks and clinch the Western Stanley Cup finals! LV needs champions on a year of losers.

Re: Tom Seaver

You might want to do a post on him and his link to the Kingston Trio! I found out that his sister dated Dave Guard and when he met their parents, they mentioned a song they heard a pianist sing to them on their honeymoon back in 1939! It wasn't copyrighted so they let him have it. It turned into one of their best known tunes, "Scotch and Soda"!

Guard split the royalties with the Seavers and the money allowed them to send their children to college!

hobbyfan said...

I may just do that if I can find a video for Scotch & Soda.

I will check on the Knights.