Thursday, September 3, 2020

Desperate men do stupid things.....

"How do I know you're not sick? You could be some deranged lunatic!"---Will "Fresh Prince" Smith, "Parents Just Don't Understand", 1987.

For someone who has railed against voter fraud throughout this election cycle, President Donald John Archie Bunker Trump now thinks it's okay for voters in North Carolina to vote twice. Once by mail, once in person, "to test the system".

America's Oldest Baby was in Wilmington, North Carolina, maskless, as usual, on Wednesday, where he forwarded this latest scam.

Yes, I said scam. He's hoping NC Democrats are stupid enough to try it and get caught. There have been very few cases of voter fraud in the state in the past, and those have involved---wait for it---Republican operatives, not Democrats. The hypocrisy of Trump and his supporters is just ridiculous. Trump and his staff vote by mail, mostly out of necessity, but they don't want Joe & Jane Sixpack to do so in order to give the incumbent a better chance of reelection in two months time.

The man doesn't get it, and doesn't want to get it, talking out of both sides of his mouth. He's denying reports that he had been rushed to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington last year for some alleged mini-strokes. He's also threatening to defund certain cities with "weak mayors" if they don't do enough to curb violence and riots, which have escalated because of agitators encouraged by guess who? Luckily, it's not happening in upstate NY at present, and Governor Cuomo has said that Trump would need an army if he wanted to walk down the street in New York. I'm assuming New York City, Trump's former home base.

Trump refuses to discuss coronavirus, unwilling to accept responsibility for nearly 190,000 deaths over the course of the last seven months, instead opting to live in a delusional fantasy world where he knows more than you do, but it's obvious that he doesn't. In Kenosha on Tuesday, Trump was able to find a man who had owned a store destroyed by fire. Emphasis on the "had", because the current owner was unwilling to participate in an obvious photo op designed to make Trump look good (as usual), so Trump located the previous owner, a registered Republican.

He's not fooling anyone, and with two months left to election day, Trump is running out of ideas. And running out of his mind.

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