Monday, September 14, 2020

Musical Interlude: Velcro Fly (1985-6)

"Velcro Fly" was the 4th single off ZZ Top's 1985 CD, "Afterburner". The single was made available in stores in July of 1986, and garnered mucho airplay on both radio & MTV.

It's easy to see as far as the video goes. The real fun is watching the band doing some dance moves, choreographed by Paula Abdul, who also choreographed videos for Janet Jackson and for Dan Aykroyd & Tom Hanks ("City of Crime") for the "Dragnet" soundtrack before climbing the charts herself. Too bad Paula wasn't one of the ladies appearing in the video.....

Some of the archived footage must've been left over after Robert Plant shot the Honeydrippers' video for "Rockin' at Midnight" (Plant and ZZ Top were both under the WB umbrella back then).

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