Wednesday, September 2, 2020

President Trump visits Kenosha. It's not disaster relief.

On Tuesday, against the advice of city leaders, President Trump, accompanied by his consigliore, Attorney General William Barr, and acting Homeland Security secretary Chad Wolf, visited Kenosha, Wisconsin, after civil unrest broke out over the last week in the wake of Jacob Blake, 29, getting shot 7 times (6 too many), leaving Blake paralyzed from the waist down.

Trump took credit for calling in the National Guard, but he didn't really do that. That was a decision made by Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers.

So why is Trump lying? Because he's trying to make himself look good to the people of Kenosha.

MSNBC's The Day That Was offers a summary.

Trump wouldn't even mention Blake by name, and Blake's family wanted nothing to do with Trump, knowing that the President cast his support for Illinois teen Kyle Rittenhouse, who crossed state lines, illegally in possession of a firearm, and killed two men, one a child molester. Rittenhouse is being touted as a hero by the far right brainwashed masses, but is facing murder charges, in addition to the firearms charge.

Trump is also continuing to push for college & pro football to begin their seasons. The NFL will get underway a week from tomorrow, but the President's impatience for play to begin is mostly a dog whistle to the voters in the Bible Belt states that make up most of the SouthEastern Conference (SEC), where the sport is treated like a religion. Depending on where you are, high school football has already started in some places, but not in New York, which won't start fall sports until later this month for high schools, and football is on hold until perhaps next month at the earliest (see Tri-City SportsBeat for more on that). Plans call for major college football to begin later this month with fewer than usual fans.

However, there are already issues with colleges that have reopened because of students, suffering from COVID-induced cabin fever, if you will, engaging in mass gatherings that have forced a couple of SUNY schools, for example, to suspend operations for a couple of weeks.

All of that would've been prevented if the President was more pro-active than reactive.

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