Friday, September 25, 2020

How scared is the President? What do you think?

There was a report out in the Senate earlier this week that found no wrong-doing on the part of Hunter Biden, son of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, in relation to his employment with a company based in the Ukraine.

So what does President Trump do? He goes on a Fox News Radio show, and says that the elder Biden, 77, drop out of the race, basically handing Trump a second term.

"WAAAHHHHH!! I want to stay in the White House! WAAAHHHH!!"

And when Trump has been asked about a peaceful transition of power should he lose on November 3, he remains non-committal. That lack of commitment alone, coming from Trump, suggests that his childish, sore loser mentality is getting in the way of common sense. Fortunately, even his closest allies in the Senate, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, agreed to a resolution Thursday that would ensure a peaceful transition if Biden is elected over Trump.

You have to hope Trump's youngest son, Barron, his only son by wife Melania, is learning how not to behave like a brat.

It's also easy to assume that, as Sara Haines suggested on The View this morning, that Trump, as usual, is trolling the media. Problem is, the jokes have worn thin coming from President Onionskin. There'll be a room waiting for him in New York when he leaves the White House. One with four padded walls, no windows. We'll call it the Napoleon Suite at Hotel Bellevue.

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