Friday, September 11, 2020

A primer on Presidential dignity that Republicans have forgotten

President Donald Trump seems to think he's on a par with past Republican Presidents such as Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Trump is no fan of the Bushes, but makes George W. Bush look like a genius because of his mishandling of the coronavirus.

Trump wanted to downplay the virus to avoid a panic, but that horse left the barn anyway. Where he also fails is the fact he lacks the qualities that makes a good President on either side of the aisle. Dignity, grace, and charisma.

Reagan, because of his Hollywood background preparing him for a political career that began with a stint as Governor of California, earned the respect of voters on both sides. The following video is a montage of excerpts from his debates with President Jimmy Carter and, in 1984, Walter Mondale.

Reagan sent Carter back to his peanut farm in Georgia. He sent Mondale into obscurity. He would've destroyed Trump if they had a debate back in the day. Today, he's looking down from Heaven, and not liking what he sees of the Republican party he once led.

40 years ago, we elected a man who became a strong leader. Today, we could be re-electing Joe Isuzu.

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