Monday, September 7, 2020

A tale of two stupid "elephants", one of whom is a Weasel

We all know the Republican Party sold their collective souls to serve as enablers and sycophants to President Donald Trump. Yes, there are a fair number who've turned their back on Trump, trying to steer to GOP back to reality.

{In case you wonder about the headline, the elephant is the GOP's mascot.}

Trump, who allegedly had bone spurs that allowed him 5 different deferments in the draft, has come under fire after an article appeared in The Atlantic last week that revealed that, for someone who's tried to change the narrative to pro athletes' kneeling against racial inequality & injustice by claiming players are disrespecting the flag, in order to motivate his voter base, Trump's not exactly a true supporter of the military himself.

Jesse Dollemore explains:

"Losers"? Seriously? Apparently, the real reason Trump doesn't want certain records pertaining to, say for example, college transcripts, revealed is that it would expose him once and for all as being an even bigger fraud than we've ever imagined. According to his niece, Mary, as we've previously reported, Trump allegedly paid off a man, since deceased, to take his SAT's for him to get into college. How much do you want to bet he did the same thing on his finals every year from junior high all the way through college? I can't imagine him having a legitimate passing grade on history, for example, if he doesn't comprehend the sacrifices our armed forces made in World War I, a battle that the US was the last to enter, albeit reluctantly, if you believe certain parties, more than a century ago.

We all know he's had a hate on for the late Senator John McCain, a former prisoner of war in his own right, even after McCain had passed on. Trump just can't accept the fact that even though he is the President, albeit one of the laziest in history, opting to go to one of his golf courses than actually do some work on domestic and foreign policy for example (his idea of foreign policy would be to gorge on French fries smothered in Caesar salad dressing), there are those in Congress who, like McCain, parlayed their military service into political careers. How much ya wanna bet one of Trump's most loyal lap dogs, Mitch McConnell, served in the military himself, before corrupting himself as a politician?

Trump, who's accumulated a fair number of Dunce Caps and Weasel ears in this space in the past, gets another one of each.

And then, there is Matt "Barbarian at The" Gaetz, who has a habit, just like Trump, of putting both feet in his mouth.

Case in point: Over the weekend, Gaetz entered into a Twitter war with Emmy award winning actor Jon Cryer (Supergirl, ex-Two And a Half Men), claiming tabloid magnet Charlie Sheen "totally carried" Two And a Half Men, after it got out that Cryer is on the stump for Gaetz's opponent, Phil Ehr. What Gaetz forgets, of course, because he is a total moron, is that Sheen left the show due to disputes with the producers over his off-and-on-set behavior, replaced by Ashton Kutcher (ex-Punk'd, That 70's Show), and Cryer won an Emmy after Sheen left the show, his 2nd in the show's run. By all rights, Cryer should be up for another for his work as Lex Luthor on Supergirl, but there's a certain amount of bias against the CW's family of comics-driven dramas, and that's another topic for another time.

Gaetz is your typical present day Republican, devoid of brains. He's also our other Dunce Cap winner.


Unknown said...

I keep meaning to tell you...I love your blog, I dont know how you pull all these posts together, it's an amazing effort! I also enjoy your even tempered political posts. Keep up the good stuff sir, I really appreciate it (cant figure out how to make it not post me as anonymous on mobile)

hobbyfan said...

I just post what's on my mind at any given time. Thank you, sir.