Thursday, September 16, 2021

Classic TV: Silver Spoons (1982)

 Consider this. A man-child businessman is introduced to the son he didn't know he had in a short, one-week marriage that ended in divorce. Once father & son get to know each other, then things start to come together.

Silver Spoons ran for 5 seasons total, the first four on NBC. Joel Higgins, fresh from the mid-season flop, Best of The West, on ABC, was Edward Stratton III, the divorcee just getting to know his son, Ricky (Ricky Schroeder, "The Champ"). Smith Barney pitchman John Houseman (ex-The Paper Chase) appeared periodically as Edward's father. The show's producers made sure there'd be some romantic tension by having Edward III's personal assistant (Erin Gray, ex-Buck Rogers in The 25th Century) eventually marry him.

The supporting cast became a revolving door over the course of the five seasons. Jason Bateman left after season 2, given his own show, It's Your Move. Broadway star Alfonso Ribiero, before cementing himself in pop culture as Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, became Ricky's new BFF.

If the singer's voice on the theme song sounds familiar, it belongs to 60's pop icon Ron Dante (The Archies, The Cuff-Links), who by this time was tweaking the knobs in the studio for Barry Manilow.

From the 5th season, when the series moved into syndication, Ricky, Alfonso, and friends form a band for a competition. Ricky's on bass. Martika (Kids Incorporated) guest stars.

Rating: B.

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