Thursday, September 9, 2021

What Might've Been: Sirota's Court (1976)

 Sirota's Court might have been ahead of its time.

This short-lived NBC entry arrived as a mid-season replacement in December 1976, but lasted just 13 weeks. Viewers weren't ready for a sitcom set in a small claims night court. Night Court, which is being updated and revived, came a few years later.

Michael Constantine, 2 years removed from an Emmy winning role as principal Seymour Kaufman on Room 222, had the lead as Judge Michael Sirota. The ensemble also included Fred Willard and Ted Ross ("The Wiz"). Willard, of course, would move on to Fernwood 2-Night a few months later.

No episodes are available, and all we have is the intro:

In memory of Constantine, 94, who has passed away.

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