Thursday, September 2, 2021

Musical Interlude: Leader of The Pack (1964)

 The Shangri-Las had the distinction of having their two biggest hits covered by male groups in later years.

For example, "Remember (Walking in The Sand)" was covered by Aerosmith in the 70's, if memory serves me correctly. Twisted Sister took a swing at our next entry, "Leader of The Pack", around 1985-6, and it would be the last hit for Dee Snider and company.

However, we're going to turn the clock back to 1964. The Shangri-Las were originally two sets of sisters--Mary & Betty Weiss and the Ganser twins, but Betty Weiss had left a month before the group was to appear on I've Got a Secret. Special guest Robert Goulet plays the "Leader of The Pack". Host Steve Allen's intro has been edited off.


Chuck Miller said...

Then there was the Ron Dante and the Detergents' answer song to Leader of the Laundromat, some piece of piff called "Leader of the Laundromat." Ugh.

hobbyfan said...

Dante, of course, would follow that up with a certain comic book band, and a #1 hit. In the 70's, he was producing Barry Manilow's records.