Sunday, September 19, 2021

Dark Side of The Ring revisits one of WWE's darker days (2021)

 Season 3 of Vice's Dark Side of The Ring has resumed, chronicling one of the most controversial events in WWE history.

"The Plane Ride From Hell" took place in the spring of 2002, during the first of two tours of Europe that year. The fallout from this episode was swift and severe for two men.

Chris Jericho, now with All Elite Wrestling, is the series narrator and interviewer.

Now, for the post-show fallout:

Ric Flair, who didn't appear on the broadcast, has seen his past catch up with his present. Recently released from WWE, Flair, who has been doing commercials for CarShield, has had that ad campaign paused as of Friday, while the ad agency and CarShield figure out what to do with him and his over the top personality.

Tommy Dreamer (Thomas Loughlin) was suspended by his current employer, Impact Wrestling, indefinitely on Friday. That's just the first step. Termination of employment, despite the announcement of an apology on social media earlier today, may not be too far behind.

It wouldn't surprise me, either, if WWE decides to blacklist Dreamer and anyone else not named Flair from working for them again.

Rating: A-.

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