Sunday, September 26, 2021

It's time to stop the lying

 As reported on Friday, the Arizona GOP conceded that Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in Maricopa County nearly 11 months ago, even acknowledging that the tally for Biden was undercounted by nearly 100 votes, and overcounted for Trump by some 300+ votes.

Composite image courtesy Associated Press/Yahoo!.

However, that report was ignored by the oldest baby in the world, as he lied to supporters in Georgia, claiming that he'd won Arizona. He'll say anything that isn't true, and his base of supporters will eat it up like candy. They've been conditioned not to accept the truth.

Here's the problem. Trump is still facing criminal investigations in Georgia and New York, and there could be more to come. He's also facing lawsuits up the wazoo that judges won't throw out, and that includes judges that Trump himself installed. For a man who claims to be a born-again Christian, Trump clearly isn't behaving like one. His lawyers are incompetent, tripping over themselves in court filings. 

If you want to put it in Christian terms, all you have to do is refer to the Bible itself. In the Old Testament, any time a King of Israel and/or Judah did bad things, God took his anointing away from those kings, and moved on to the next one. In modern times, it can be assumed, God saw what Trump was doing, blaspheming, if you will, and decided that He had been betrayed and mocked all along, and moved his anointing to Biden, a Catholic. We're all assuming Biden will be a one-term President because of his age & health, and Kamala Harris, if anything were to happen to Biden, would be the first female President in US history.

That, dear friends, is what's really bothering the GOPers. They can't stand how the Democratic Party has made history in the last thirteen years, and have been hailed by the mainstream media. Trump brought out the uglier side of the GOP, the closet racists and bigots, to the forefront, and they believe in him, not realizing that they're walking straight to the abyss. The Democratic kingmakers didn't want Bernie Sanders in 2016 or 2020, opting for name recognition (Biden, Hillary Clinton), but could stand to prepare for the future.

But as long as Trump decides to be this generation's Archie Bunker, and continue to con his base, the GOPers won't be moving forward. Instead, they're likely to get this if things don't go their way next year and beyond.....

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