Sunday, September 19, 2021

The son also whines

 We're referring, of course, to Donald Trump, Jr., who went on a Twantrum of his own earlier this week, after it was reported that the Department of Health & Human Services is taking over the distribution of COVID-19 treatments, ensuring that these treatments would be equally distributed across all 50 states.

Seems that currently, the distribution is unbalanced, favoring GOP-run states, including Florida & Texas, whose corrupt governors have shown to be even worse tyrants than Dumb Donald II's deranged dad. And, like Papa Pampers, Junior is having this artificially created tantrum to stir up the Legion of The Brainwashed.

Farron Cousins explains:

All the whining and posturing from Team Pampers is meant to undermine anything & everything the Biden administration is doing to reverse the damage done by America's Oldest Spoiled Brat. Twitter may want to consider banning Junior, too.

We're also learning that a group of hackers broke into the Texas GOP's website, and subbed in some fund raising materials for Planned Parenthood, before the GOPers got their site back. This is in answer to Governor Greg "Shakedown the public" Abbott's anti-abortion law, which claims that if you can hear an unborn child's heartbeat within 6 weeks, you can't have an abortion. Preserving life is one thing, but denying the mother a choice is another altogether. No wonder Alex From The Block schooled Abbott online the other day. He must've failed biology in high school.

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