Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Common sense takes California. Guess who's not happy?

 The Repugnants mounted a campaign to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom, whining about how Newsom violated his own mandates 10 months ago by attending a party without a mask.

However, because the Repugnants have decided to sacrifice innocent lives for political gain, their strategy backfired. 46 GOPers, led by radio personality Larry Elder, tried to unseat Newsom. You might as well have been in a virtual battle royal with the late Andre The Giant, because this morning, Newsom was declared the winner.

Prior to Tuesday's vote, Elder tried to play the GOPers' favorite card of late, claiming without evidence that the election was rigged. However, he conceded defeat this morning, acknowledging that while he'd lost a battle, the "war", as he put it, is not yet over. Elder's platform, which included helping the homeless, was undone by having to kowtow to a certain, well, you know............


Thankfully, Elder came to his senses.

Unfortunately, Citizen Pampers has not. I think the last time California had a Republican governor, it was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even Jerry Brown came back for one last term.

Citizen Pampers can't go a day without making a headline. He has enslaved the GOPers by making them bow to him, even though he has all the strategic acumen of a tree stump. The sooner he gets sent to Bellevue, the better.

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