Monday, September 6, 2021

The family that acts together, shills together (2021)

 You've probably seen the short-form version of this next item virtually every day for the last few months.

Eugene Levy (Schitt's Creek, ex-SCTV) reinvented himself as a character actor over the years in films such as "American Pie", and in Schitt's Creek, was able to work with his son, Dan (who can be seen shilling for Citi with and without Rashida Jones, and M & M's), and daughter Sarah, who joins Eugene in this bit for Capital One. Following is the long-form version, courtesy of Capital One's YouTube channel:

I'm of the opinion that Eugene deserves some consideration for at least a guest host gig on Jeopardy!. Why? On SCTV, one of his most notable characters was a send-up of Alex Trebek. "Alex Trebel" was used for every game show parody that I've seen in SCTV clips on YouTube. What do you think?

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