Sunday, January 10, 2021

An after-school history lesson: Last of The Mohicans (1971)

 A ways back, we took a look at the 1950's series, Hawkeye & The Last of The Mohicans, the first made-for-TV adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper's novel. We noted at the time there was another series, made in the 70's, and at that time, it wasn't available on YouTube. It is now.

Last of The Mohicans was produced by the BBC in 1971 as an 8 part miniseries, with each chapter running 45 minutes. A year later, this was imported to the US by WGBH for PBS' Masterpiece Theatre (now simply Masterpiece), with the remainder of the allotted 1 hour run time filled with shorter, unrelated items.

After its PBS run, Mohicans was repackaged for American syndication in 16 half hour chapters. Locally, it aired on WTEN (then a CBS affiliate, now an ABC affiliate) ahead of its network primetime block. That's the iteration I remember. 

Here's the opener in its half-hour form. Closing credits have been edited off.

Rating: A.

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