Friday, January 15, 2021

Of Recent Vintage: The Chase (2013)

 We had this up before, but the previous video we used was taken down by YouTube, so we're trying again.

A year after it had bowed in England, The Chase made its American debut on Game Show Network, with actress Brooke Burns (ex-Dog Eat Dog) as host, and Mark Labbett, aka "The Beast", as the Chaser. Four "seasons" of varying length, a final total of 51 episodes, aired over a 2 year period (2013-15). To his credit, Labbett brought a very intimidating presence to the show.

It's a standard quiz game, but there is the daunting challenge of trying to save whatever money has been banked from being captured by the chaser. The Road Runner would have a better chance of winning, more often than not.

As would normally be the case with GSN, expenses, more than ratings, led to cancellation. The series returned with weekday reruns several months back.

In this sample clip, future Jeopardy! champ James Holzhauer tries his luck:

Fox had put in the first bid for the series, with another Jeopardy! champion, Brad Rutter, as a chaser, joining Labbett. However, Fox ultimately passed. Their loss became GSN's gain for a while.

As you know, The Chase has returned, this time on ABC, with Rutter & Holzhauer as chasers along with Ken Jennings. It appears the trio will alternate, as this allows Jennings to also act as guest host on Jeopardy! for the duration. Nine episodes have been ordered, with Sara Haines (The View) as host. Two episodes have aired and are available On Demand on cable, and on ABC's website. The season is set to end, presumably, barring pre-emptions, on March 4.

Rating for the GSN Chase: None. We didn't see enough of the show.

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