Monday, January 25, 2021

Baby be unhinged, conclusion: Donald Trump sent the White House staff home on Inauguration Day to spite President & Mrs. Biden

 While the Legion of The Brainwashed never attempted another attack on the Capitol last Wednesday, America's Oldest Baby, Donald Trump, decided to be his usual petty, spiteful self, in one last tantrum before leaving Washington.

Trump was long gone by the time President Joe Biden was sworn in, shortly after 12 noon (ET), but he left another stain on his administration, which some of his media sycophants tried to blame on the Bidens.

You see, chief White House usher Timothy Harleth, who came with the Trumps from New York, and the White House staff were sent home for the day earlier that morning, leaving the Bidens at the door, unable to enter. How embarrassing, right? Right.

"WAAAAHHHHH! My staff won't work for you! Find your own! WAAAAHHHH!"

That's the last time I'll use that image, unless he does something childish again.

Anyway, the staff returned to work Thursday morning, but it's believed that Harleth, because of his close ties to Trump, will likely leave anyway in due course, unless President Biden can convince him to stay on, since he wants a more bi-partisan Washington.

Harleth, let's hope, should consider that option, considering the man-child he worked for has also the social grace of a mushroom.

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