Sunday, January 31, 2021

When your client can't give up the lie, you resign

 I am referring to a team of lawyers retained by America's Oldest Baby, former President Donald Trump, who were set to be Trump's defense team at his impeachment trial next week. On Saturday, the group of five all resigned from the case, citing a conflicting difference in defense strategy.

The lawyers want to argue whether or not a trial for a now-former president would be constitutional. This would be a reasonable enough argument that would allow for Trump to be acquitted for the 2nd time in as many years. These barristers are using something called common sense.

Unfortunately, Trump wants to continue to trade on the big lie, that the 2020 election was stolen from him, ignoring the fact that his own ignorance of public safety as the coronavirus pandemic developed over the past year was what really did him in. He just refuses to accept the fact that the voters turned on him because of his negligence.

CNN's New Day addressed this topic earlier today:

The lawyers decided that they weren't going to risk their careers on the lies of a deranged, 74 year old man-child who can't accept the fact that he lost, so they resigned.

The one lawyer that Trump could turn to, Rudy Giuliani, has already said he will not represent Trump due to the fact that he was there at the rally on January 6 that led to the insurrection at the Capitol. Then again, Giuliani has his own problems.

Specifically, Giuliani was called out by GOP strategist Steve Bannon on the latter's podcast earlier this week about his own lies regarding the insurrection, trying to claim that the anti-Trump Lincoln Project and "antifa" members were disguised as Trump supporters on 1/6. The problem with that loopy argument is that many of the idiots involved in the insurrection already 'fessed up via social media, bragging about what they did, and some have already lost their jobs. 

How Goofiani can ignore clear evidence like that to push Trump's agenda, I don't know. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, not exactly a patron saint of honesty himself, has volunteered his services, but no word on whether or not that offer was actually accepted by America's Oldest Baby.

The big lie has been debunked many times over. Evangelical Christians who are still supporting Trump need to revisit the Gospel of St. Matthew, chapter 7, verse 15:

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves."  (King James version)

As Christians, we have been deceived all along, and, yet, many continue to buy into Trump's lies. Trump could very well be acquitted again, but he needs the right kind of counsel that can ignore his whining and focus on something more tangible, such as the questionable constitutional right to this trial after the twice impeached Trump has left office.

A local pastor keeps telling his flock that the "rats" are getting caught. But it's not the ones he thinks they are.


Mike Doran said...

We have to face a sad fact here:
We're never going to be rid of Donald Trump.
Not just because he's in the books (along with everybody else who's had the job - good, bad, and indifferent).
What was wrong about Trump as a President is what was wrong with him in everything else he's ever done in his life, public and private.
He's never learned the Rules - about anything.

Remember back in '74, when the old GOP hands told Nixon that he had to go?
Tricky Dick knew the Rules - and he went.
Not forever - after a while he was allowed to state his case, after some cool-down time had passed.

Trump has never learned that simple lesson - and down the line he's going to have to pay the price.
And when that happens, he'll take a lot of people down with him - possibly including the whole Republican Party.

I'm not looking forward to the results ...

Silverstar said...

Given the current sorry state of the Rethuglican Party, with all of the Q-Cumbers and white nationalists who've been allowed to infest it, taking the GOP behind the barn and putting it out of its' misery might not be such a bad thing.

Goldstar said...

One train of thought is that Trump could very well split the Republican Party in two; the "old school" conservatives would remain in the GOP, while the loyal Trump toadies will start their own Trump Cult, or Patriot Party, or whatever they choose to call it. Don't know and don't care. Either way, that wouldn't bode well for the Repugs, as there's not enough of them on either faction alone to take back the White House on 2024.

hobbyfan said...

Mike: The difference between Nixon and Trump is that Trump wasn't a career politician, but more of a spoiled brat who never really grew up. Nixon was allowed to leave with his dignity intact. Trump has no dignity.

Goldstar & Silverstar: If Trump does what he's threatened to do and launch his own party, he'll take Josh Bawley, Sea Cruz, and Mushmouth Greene with him, as they've already shed their dignity, leaving just an illusion of same. Goofiani isn't too far away from Bellevue, anyway....

Mike Doran said...

Remember that one of the reasons that people gave for voting for Trump in the first place was that he wasn't a politician.
What they didn't realize was that politics is something that you have to learn how to do - and to do it right, you have to learn about government and governing, and how to deal with people who might have views that differ from your own.
Donald Trump's training came from his father, Fred Trump Senior, who raised him to believe that all he had to do was give orders and expect obedience; that might work in a company with your name on it, but a nation is something else altogether.

Something else, in the "spoiled brat" line:
Donald Trump was the fourth of five children of Fred Senior.
The eldest offspring was Mary Jane, who was disqualified from the family throne because she was a girl (European dynastic mindset); she had to settle for becoming a successful attorney and later a judge.
Number Two was Fred Junior, who was supposed to be the Son and Heir - except he didn't want that job, and broke with his father (this was Mary Trump's dad).
Number Three was another daughter, whose name I can't call to mind just now; her function was to marry money and social position, and she did that.
Number Four was Donald; Fred Junior was the Heir, and Donald was the Spare, and this dictated his relationship to Fred Senior - and we can only guess at the specifics.
Number Five was Robert, who passed away late last year; he knew that he was extraneous, and said and did as little as possible.
Somebody's going to write a shelf full of books about this malformed family; I am not looking forward to reading any of them.

hobbyfan said...

This is what happens when you have a family whose patriarch worships at the temple of money.

Mike Doran said...

Completing my due diligence:

Fred Trump Senior's two daughters are Maryanne Trump Barry, the lawyer who became a Federal judge, and Elizabeth Trump-Grau, who became a trophy wife.
As noted above, Fred Trump Senior didn't consider either of them as possible heirs to his throne, because they were girls (European Plan).
And when Fred Junior decided to not be The Heir, Fred Senior was stuck with Donald The Spare - and the rest is (unfortunately) history ...
... and who's to say whether any of the Trump siblings (including Robert The Leftover) might have done even a marginally better job of the Presidency that Number Four Son ended up doing?

Something to think about ...

hobbyfan said...

Donald to me is Daffy Duck circa the 60's. No scruples.