Friday, January 1, 2021

Dunce Cap Award: a certain pack of Republican mules

 On Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence will preside over the final confirmation of Joe Biden as the next President of the United States.

However, some of his dumber Republican colleagues won't budge from the misguided belief that Biden supposedly "stole" the election.

Texas' Screwy Louie Gohmert filed a lawsuit against Pence the other day. Pence's response? It shouldn't be against him, but against Congress as a whole. And he's right. However, the suit, like everything else filed by these brainwashed dimwits, has no basis in reality, no merit whatsoever.

"You mean it's not real?"

That's right. No basis in reality! Some of these Republican morons are so butt-hurt over Donald Trump getting thumped November 3, that they're willing to do anything and everything to overturn the election result. Christian preachers believe the result will be reversed, but they're just as brainwashed.

There were rumors that Texas wanted to secede from the rest of the country because Trump lost. The last time there were rumors of secession was back in the 19th century. It is fundamentally dumbed down people like Gohmert, Ted Cruz, Governor Greg Abbott, and Attorney General Ken Paxton who are leading their state down a primrose path, all because they went all in on the Trump Presidential Shell Game.

And, then, there is also America's Oldest Baby, who decided to file another lawsuit in Wisconsin over the fact his last lawsuit in Cheese Country went down in flames. The whole point behind this protracted dog & pony show is to show the marks, that is to say, Trump's voter base, that Trump is still "fighting" for them, but in reality, he's continuing to scam them stupid.

Commentator Keith Olbermann is calling for the rebels in Congress to not be seated when Congress reconvenes, to be arrested on charges of, well, treason and/or sedition against the Constitution. Goofy Gohmert thinks there are alternate electors who'd be allowed to vote for Trump. Sorry, but that ship has long since sailed into the sunset.

"Slow learner, isn't he?"

Nope, just stubborn, like a mule. To that end, Gohmert and the Republican Rebellion get the first Dunce Caps of 2021. Mortimer Snerd is acting as our avatar for now.

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