Saturday, January 23, 2021

They say death comes in threes.........!

 In the last 24 hours, we've had three celebrity deaths.

Baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron, 86, passed away Friday. Aaron spent almost his entire career with the Braves in Milwaukee & Atlanta, and held the MLB home run record at 755 before being topped by Barry Bonds, though Bonds' numbers are tainted because of allegations of steroid abuse.

I remember watching at home the night Aaron broke Babe Ruth's record, and the idiot fans running onto the field to congratulate him as he rounded the bases. That scene is forever etched in baseball lore.

Aaron finished his career back in Milwaukee with the Brewers, back when the Brew Crew was in the American League. He spent most of his retirement years working for Turner Sports.
Actor Gregory Sierra, 83, had accumulated an impressive resume in the 70's, appearing on a trio of hit shows, Sanford & Son, Barney Miller, & Soap. Sierra left Sanford when he was cast as Chano on Miller, then left Miller when he was given his first and only lead role, in the short-lived A. E. S. Hudson Street.

The 80's saw Sierra turn to drama. After another short-lived sitcom, Zorro & Son, Sierra was cast on Miami Vice, but his character was written off fairly quickly, replaced by Edward James Olmos.
This morning, we are learning of the passing of radio & television talk show icon Larry King, 87, as the result of a recent bout with COVID-19.

King made the transition to television when he signed with CNN in 1985. His radio show featured some outlandish guests, including one yo-yo who claimed to come from the planet Fringus. I kid you not. The show aired in late night locally back in those days.

Speaking of yo-yo's, King appeared in Sacha Baron Cohen's political spoof, "The Dictator". Suffice to say, he was treated better than Rudy Goofiani in the current "Borat" sequel.....!

Rest in peace.

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