Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Remember Kleen 'n' Shine? (1973)

 Johnson Wax, now S. C. Johnson, introduced Kleen 'n' Shine, an all purpose cleaner that could work on any surface, in the 70's. Unfortunately, the product has long since been discontinued (we think), but here's an ad with some of the surfaces being given animated faces and attended to by actress Arlene Golonka (ex-Mayberry RFD):

Later in the decade, Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch) replaced Golonka and the animated faces, then moved on to shill for other products, such as Wesson oil, Tang, and Jell-O pudding.


annieinthesun said...

Whatever happened to it? I have an old can that lost its sprayer top but has product inside it. Probably why it never got used up. It works like magic to give gloss to an equally old "walnut" Formica surface.

hobbyfan said...

Not really sure, but apparently it was pulled off the market.

Amy said...

Klean ‘N Shine is not being produced any longer. What is the name of the product that replaced it.