Tuesday, January 19, 2021

YouTube Theatre: Bugsy Malone (1976)

 Imagine, if you will, if Hal Roach had been asked to have Our Gang do a gangster spoof as the follow-up to "General Spanky", had that film been more successful.

In 1976, Alan Parker came up with a concept that might have been the kind of film Roach could've made 40-45 years earlier.

"Bugsy Malone"'s cast was made up entirely of children, including future Oscar winner Jodie Foster. The only other notable names in the cast were Scott Baio (later of Happy Days, Charles in Charge, etc.) and John Cassisi, who would appear in Fish. Grammy winner Paul Williams composed the soundtrack, and serves as a voice double for the piano player. Baio had the title role as Malone, a boxing promoter who was moving into show business after falling for an aspiring singer.

The other voice doubles included impressionist Julie McWhirter, fresh from The Rich Little Show, Archie Hahn, and Louise "Liberty" Williams, who doubles for Foster on "My Name is Tallulah", a track we've previously showcased. 

We're doing this one as a public service. No rating.

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