Tuesday, January 26, 2021

What Might've Been: The Super (1972)

 The runaway success of Norman Lear's adaptation of the British sitcom, 'Til Death do us Part into All in The Family was bound to produce imitators. But who knew that ABC's summer 1972 sitcom, The Super, is actually a branch of the Family tree from a creative standpoint?

That's because Rob Reiner co-created The Super, and co-wrote some episodes, 12 years before he scored his first hit as a filmmaker ("This is Spinal Tap").

Richard Castellano ("The Godfather") had the title role as a building superintendent in New York who had one wish. To tune out his family and the tenants of his building, so he could have some solitude and watch TV over a can of beer. Of course, because of his responsibilities (today, we'd call him a building manager), he couldn't have more than a few passing minutes, if not seconds.

Due to the Munich Olympics, The Super's run came to a premature end after 10 weeks. The last two episodes were never aired.

Gilmore Box offers the open:

My folks sampled this show in the pre-cable days. It was okay, and deserved a better fate.

Rating: B.

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