Monday, July 12, 2021

Sports this 'n' that

 Miami's Pablo Lopez made history in Sunday's win over Atlanta.

Lopez struck out the entire Braves lineup over the first three innings. However, any hope of a no-hitter ended in the 4th inning as Atlanta began to mount a comeback. It would've really been news if Lopez had broken Hall of Famer Tom Seaver's record of 10 straight K's, set in 1970 vs. San Diego.
Speaking of the Mets, which we weren't, they blew an early 5-0 lead, as the Pittsburgh bullpen shut them down, leading to the Pirates salvaging a split of their four game weekend series, 6-5. Edwin Diaz suffered his 2nd blown save of the season and took the loss. 

The two teams will meet again starting Friday in Pittsburgh. 

In other Mets news, the team selected Vanderbilt pitcher Kumar Rocker with their first round pick in the MLB Entry Draft Sunday night. Now, I'd not be surprised if there's some folks who are a little salty over the fact that Rocker's teammate, Jack Leiter (Al's son), was gone before the Mets' pick came up.
The Euro 2020 soccer tournament, delayed a year because of COVID, wrapped up Sunday, with Italy taking on England. Check the highlights:

Unfortunately for England, the loss also brought some social media blowback, as the bigots came out after three African-British players who'd failed during the penalty kick shootout. England's Football Association condemned the racially charged hate-mail, if you will, and rightfully so. To the uninitiated, we're probably dealing with some drunken clowns who'd bet heavily on the game, and lost their alcohol budgets.
WWE had a chance to make a statement of a different kind last week after Jimmy Uso (real name: Jonathan Fatu) was popped for his 2nd DUI in three years, but because he is central, along with twin brother Jey, to cousin Roman Reigns' current story arc, WWE chose not to discipline him right away. A wellness suspension is still likely, pending the outcome of the case.

However, Naomi (Trinity Fatu), Jimmy's wife, had to deactivate her Twitter account because of trolls getting on her case, even going so far as to call for her husband's termination from WWE. Reportedly, there were some racist slurs and remarks involved, too.

Haters need to hate, but they often do so without legitimate context.

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