Saturday, July 31, 2021

Weasels of The Week: DoorMatt, Empty-G, Screwy Louie, and some other GOPer idiot

 "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it!"---Super Chicken to his sidekick, Fred, many times, 1967.

That is directed at Wyoming Rep. Paul Gosar, who decided to accompany the GOP's Three Stooges, DoorMatt Gaetz, Screwy Louie Gohmert, and Empty-G (Marjorie Taylor Greene), to a jail earlier this week, hoping to speak with some of the January 6 rioters who are currently in jail. Problem is, the four of them decided to violate protocol and show up unannounced with an unauthorized camera crew, hoping to make a mountain out of the proverbial molehill.

I know it's an insult to the legacy of the legendary comedy team, but the bumbling of these modern day imbeciles is just laughable. Of course, these morons decided to have a presser after being turned away.

Farron Cousins explains:

This is too easy. Four Weasels, with a collective IQ of about 20. Here's a song that fits them perfectly:

Nothing more need be said.


Silverstar said...

I've been calling the trio of Goofus, Gangrene and Goober the 3 Stooges for a while now. The whole GOP is basically the Stooges' law firm of Dewey, Cheatum and Howe.

hobbyfan said...

Great minds think alike.