Monday, November 2, 2020

A Classic Reborn (again): Supermarket Sweep (2020)

 In a season where regular primetime shows are being delayed due to COVID-19, ABC is banking on a game show block on Sunday nights opposite NFL football.

Leading off the block is a new iteration of Supermarket Sweep, which this time has more of an urban, hip-hop beat. It's obvious when a Salt 'N' Pepa classic, "Push It", is the show's opening theme, which, in this context, urges the contestants to push their shopping carts.

Loquacious actress Leslie Jones (ex-Saturday Night Live), still trying to live down a silly car commercial from a couple of years back ("I see you, car!") hosts, and is also listed as an executive producer. You were expecting maybe ESPN's Stephen A. Smith? The game, otherwise, appears to be the same, aside from some new twists. At least Leslie isn't trying to boost her ego, unlike Snoop Dogg, whose remake of Joker's Wild appears to have flamed out after three seasons on Turner networks.

Here's a trailer:


While we're digging Leslie using the intercom to make things interesting, she needs to dial it down just a little, before we start thinking that maybe the ego is getting in the way.

Rating: B.

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