Friday, November 13, 2020

America's Oldest Baby says NY needs to wait for a COVID vaccine. Oh, really?

 President Trump came out of his self-imposed exile earlier today to tout the supposed success of "Operation Warp Speed", which is meant to produce a credible coronavirus vaccine. The problem is, Trump is basically telling New Yorkers, screw you. We'll give you a vaccine when we feel like it.

"WAAAAHHHH! New York doesn't deserve a vaccine! WAAAHH!"

Ultimately, it isn't your call to make, O Archduke of Affluenza. By the time it is actually ready, which won't be, they say, until the first half of 2021, you won't be in a position to do anything about it.

Meanwhile, Kayleigh McEnany, in an unofficial capacity as an advisor, claims Trump will have a 2nd term, ignorant of the results of the election. And so the sideshow continues.

By the way, two more states have been declared. Trump wins North Carolina, as he did in 2016, and Joe Biden was declared the winner in Georgia, so, aside from any more frivolous lawsuits from Team Trump, it's game over, with Biden well over 300 electoral votes, to Trump's 232.

Now, if only you could convince Trump and his staff that the game's over.

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