Sunday, November 22, 2020

When the going gets tough, the tough go to the golf course

 As a born again Christian, I have to admit I am bothered by the fact that the congregation at the church I attend are so far in the tank for President Trump, as are most conservative Christians, they don't realize that the spiritual war being fought isn't on behalf of Trump after all.

They are willing to gloss over the lies and misrepresentation. They have bought into the claim that Trump gave his life to Christ in a meeting with Dr. James Dobson of Focus on The Family four years ago. Evangelists have prophesied that Trump would win a second term.

The only way that happens is if Trump, as has been reported, decides to be the first man since Grover Cleveland to run for a 2nd term after being defeated in a re-election bid. That's the only reasonable way that prophecy can be fulfilled.

Trump took part in a G-20 summit of international leaders via remote relay, but when the discussion turned to COVID-19, Trump broke off contact so he could get in a round of golf.

Trump has lied to the evangelicals. Lied to his core base. Lied to everyone. His inaction in relation to COVID cost him the election, and his whining, crying, and litigating will change absolutely nothing.

Speaking of inaction, Farron Cousins tells us about Trump's "bunker mentality":

If Trump were truly born again, and he's clearly not, he'd face adversity not with the pitbull mentality he brought with him from the streets of New York, but with Biblical passages that Vice President Mike Pence could select for him. The five year long shell game is coming to an end, and Trump only has himself to blame. The Bible warned us about people like him in the New Testament. They were called false prophets.

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