Wednesday, November 4, 2020

It's not over yet

 As we're waking up this morning, there are votes still to be counted in a small number of states to decide the presidential election. But try telling that to America's Oldest Baby, who reiterated his threat to petition the Supreme Court to stop the count, falsely claiming he won.

"WAAAAHHH! I won! Stop counting the votes!"

No, you haven't won yet, Mr. President.

When ye scribe went to bed last night, Trump led in the popular vote, but trailed in the electoral vote after blowing an early lead of 13-5 in the latter category. Biden surged ahead in the popular vote overnight, and, as of press time, led in the electoral count by 25 points, 238-213. What Trump is attempting to do is con his base yet again, selling them on the idea that he won, when he clearly has not. I don't think he has the authority, actually, to have the courts stop the counting of votes. It's just a tactic to try to keep power when it's beginning to look like he is a 1-term president. And you know what you're going to hear from him when the final count shows he lost....


You reap what you sow, Mr. President. If you actually cared to read the Bible, you'd know that. A campaign and administration built on nothing but lies and exaggerations is bound to collapse in ruins. 

CNN's Jim Acosta asserted that our founding fathers are turning over in their graves. They've been doing that the last few years. They will rest easier if in fact Trump is unable to recover.

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