Thursday, November 26, 2020

A different kind of Thanksgiving

 Coronavirus is still a problem, but it isn't stopping a lot of travelers from defying restrictions in order to keep traditional family gatherings intact for today.

Here in New York, no more than 10 people can gather for a family Thanksgiving dinner, per Governor Andrew Cuomo. However, there are so many people, frustrated by being "penned in" during the pandemic over the last 8 months, who just can't do without the usual tradition.

Personal note: My brother & I are having dinner by ourselves today for the first time in three years. The last two? Relatives from the Catskill area came in, and treated us at a local restaurant.

Despite the defiant claims of certain people, social distancing is really very easy.

One tradition that carries on is Macy's annual Thanksgiving Day parade, now, more than usual, a made-for-TV event, airing on NBC and live-streaming on Yahoo, whose parent company, Verizon, is sponsoring the live-stream. Mario Lopez (Extra, Saved by The Bell) hosts the online coverage, which will be available for replay all day.

Today took a look at preps for today's parade, which includes The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon and the Roots doing a musical number.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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