Thursday, November 12, 2020

What Might've Been: This Man Dawson (1959)

This Man Dawson was a syndicated crime drama that lasted just 1 season (1959-60), caught up in an increasing glut of dramas, not just crime drama, mind, but also Westerns and adventure series.

Character actor Keith Andes essayed the title role as Colonel Dawson, now a detective, using his military training to track and capture criminals.

In "The Hard Way", Dawson must locate the blind daughter of an investigative reporter being held for ransom. Series producer William Conrad is also the narrator, and had the same duties, of course on Rocky & His Friends beginning that same year.

Seems a common theme in some of these shows back in the day was that some, if not all, villains were motivated more by greed than revenge over a perceived slight.

Rating: B.

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