Monday, November 9, 2020

And, now, the scapegoats are being lined up......

 A little more than 48 hours after the election had been called in favor of Joe Biden over Donald Trump, the President is now looking for scapegoats to take the heat, since he won't concede and won't accept the reality that America has rejected him and his shell game politics.

"WAAAAAHHH! Get Esper on the phone! I wanna dump him!"

That would be Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who was let go just moments ago, replaced by Christopher Miller, for however long that lasts. And, if media projections are accurate, he won't be the last one to go.

Trump is looking to dismiss CIA director Gina Haspel and FBI director Christopher Wray as well. In reality, the firings are a waste of time, because once Biden is sworn in January 20, he will look to bring in his own people, as is normal practice. There are reports suggesting Trump wants to get rid of Dr. Anthony Fauci, simply because the good doctor is way more popular than America's Oldest Baby. However, Trump does not have the authority to fire Fauci, despite convincing the Legion of The Brainwashed to chant for that very thing at a recent rally.

Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, is hinting that Trump's wife, Melania, may be looking to divorce the man-child after 15 years of marriage, per an article on Yahoo!. Trump and his frivolous lawsuits to challenge the election will end in abject failure, as 10 suits have already been tossed out due to zero evidence. There are rumors that Trump might actually flee the country to avoid litigation and/or prosecution.

The fact of the matter is, Trump's public image took a beating these last 5 years, changing from a respected New York business mogul to a self-serving, misogynistic, vulgar, immature bully who is in the midst of his second childhood (or is that his third?), certainly worse than his first. Perhaps some time in a private space, like a mental hospital, could cure his ills. But don't count on it.


Silverstar said...

This fat sack o' crap and his toadies get more pathetic and irrelevant with each passing day. Just concede and ride off into the sunset while you've still got a tiny shred of dignity left, assuming that ship hasn't already sailed.

hobbyfan said...

Unfortunately, President Pampers has no dignity. Immature brats usually don't.