Tuesday, November 3, 2020

A little of this and a little of that

 Today could be the end of the Donald Trump reign of error. If it is, once his term ends on January 20, Trump could swap the White House for the Big House.

You see, Trump is facing a number of lawsuits, including a defamation suit filed by author and former cable personality E. Jean Carroll, and NY Attorney General Letitia James is ready to bring the hammer down. If they have to extradite him from Washington or Mar-a-Lago, it ain't gonna matter.

Farron Cousins of Ring of Fire breaks it down.

Trump's only saving grace, which would only postpone the inevitable, actually, is if he pulls out a miracle again.

Then again, it could be worse. If he tries to claim insanity, Bellevue would be happy to take him.
The Giants feel like they were screwed in the final minute at MetLife Stadium Monday against Tampa Bay. Well, of course. It's a nationally televised Monday Night Football game. The NFL will protect Tom Brady at all cost, no matter where he is.

Here's the sitch. Under a minute left. Giants had just scored a touchdown, and went for 2. Daniel Jones' pass to Dion Lewis was "broken up" by Tampa's Antoine Winfield, Jr.. A flag comes down, but after a conference among the four zebras in the general area, the penalty was waved off, and these idiots missed a defensive holding call on the same play as Evan Engram, on the other side of the formation, was also impeded.

The reality of this sitch is, this year the Giants suck (1-7 after last night). Brady and the Buccaneers are rolling. With the game on the line, the referees are going to favor Tampa Bay, instead of being fair. Last year, the Giants were similarly screwed against New England. Until Big Blue can reverse their on-field fortunes, this will continue. All this does is give New Yorkers another reason to hate Brady.
America's Oldest Baby may have hastened his political demise by going after popular celebrities like NBA star/TV producer LeBron James, who just won his 4th NBA title with his 3rd different team last month, and singer Taylor Swift, just because they support Joe Biden.

In Swift's case, she has a champion in radio legend Howard Stern, whose friendship with Trump was severed some time ago. Stern has encouraged Swift to speak out, and she's done just that.

While older, retired athletes like Jack Nicklaus have drunk the Trump Kool-Aid, it's the younger generation, the LeBrons & Swifts of the world, that might be the figurative iceberg sinking the Trumptanic. Again, we'll see how this plays out.
The Chase is returning to American TV, but there won't be a "Beast" this time.

Instead, ABC, which acquired the rights, will lean on Jeopardy! grand champions Ken Jennings, Brad Hutter, and James Holzhauer to alternate as the Chaser, or, as they said on Game Show Network, the Beast. The ratings for their Jeopardy! miniseries event last year proved that the three champions are a draw. Jennings recently had been on a GSN game show as a regular, so he's stayed in the public eye.

This might actually be fun.

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