Thursday, November 5, 2020

It's not over yet, part 2

The Legion of the Brainwashed has descended upon cities in Arizona, which hasn't called the election either way as of press time, and Michigan, which the Associated Press has called in favor of Joe Biden. Taking their cues from America's Oldest Baby and his sycophants, including his idiot sons, Dumb Donald II & Stupid E (Eric), as well as that other poster child for premature senility, Rudy Giuliani, the latter pair spending Wednesday in Pennsylvania sowing the seeds of dissent, these mindless drones demanded that counting the votes would stop.

This man sold his brains, and isn't getting anything in return.

President Trump has a ways to go to catch up in terms of electoral votes, down 50 as of this morning. However, his childish approach to this nightmare scenario isn't helping anyone, not when his own party has shot down one frivolous lawsuit after another. Why is that? Because the GOP judges in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, et al, are veteran politicos and justices who know the law better than Trump and his drones do. They know he has no basis or case. Try explaining that to the drones, though, who've been conned for five years by this real life Joe Isuzu.

Once all the votes are counted, and that will still take some time, everyone, we hope, will rest easy.


Silverstar said...

I realize that the fight is not over and Trumpism will not go away even after Trump is gone, but I'm still going to allow myself a momentary sight of relief and yes, a tiny amount of pleasure to see President Pampers getting escorted out of the White House.

hobbyfan said...

Word is he wants to start his own cable network after he leaves. It'll only be popular in the south.