Monday, November 30, 2020

A little of this and a lot of that

 One of the reasons, in fact, probably the biggest one, for President Trump contesting the result of his re-election loss to Joe Biden earlier this month is that Trump knows what awaits when he leaves office in January.

You see, some cities, like El Paso, Texas, for example, are owed money for campaign rallies, money that the Trump campaign has since wasted on frivolous, juvenile lawsuits. Farron Cousins explains.

The last few years have exposed the flaws in Trump's carefully managed public image, built over the last 40 years or so, exposed the fact that he's always been a pampered, coddled man-child riddled with affluenza. We have read about how "Home Alone" director Chris Columbus claimed that Trump bullied him to the point where Trump made a cameo in the movie. The publicity and the accompanying headlines back then gave Trump the impression that he could do whatever he wanted. He's finding out now that the past will come back to haunt, and, oh, will it ever!
So former boxing champions Mike Tyson & Roy Jones, Jr. fought to a draw on Saturday night. I wonder if Sominex and Absorbine, Jr. sponsored the fight. Just sayin'.
Tenuous is the hold the Giants have on 1st place in the NFC Least after escaping Cincinnati with a win on Sunday.

Big Blue lost QB Daniel Jones to a hamstring injury, leaving Colt McCoy, the former Texas QB, now a journeyman who has washed out in Cleveland and Washington, to finish the game. 

The Giants won't be in 1st for long. Philadelphia could reclaim the top spot tonight if they beat Seattle. Oh, by the way, the Seahawks are the Giants' next opponent next Sunday. To be honest, I don't see either NFC Least team beating the Seahawks.
As the calendar changes to December, New England is making a move toward a possible playoff spot.

"Saint" Nick Folk kicked another last second field goal to lift the Patriots past Arizona, bringing the Patriots closer to .500 at 5-6, and could reach .500 if they beat the Los Angeles Chargers next week. The Chargers fell to AFC East leader Buffalo, but the Patriots have to climb past Miami to get within shouting distance of the Bills.

Miami, by the way, kept pace by beating the winless Jests, 20-3. If I'm Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence, I'd be happy if the Jests cleaned house after the season by getting rid of not only coach Adam Gase, who should've been gone already, but GM Joe Douglas as well.
Seeing those State Farm ads with Aaron Rodgers & Patrick Mahomes acting like a couple of egomaniacs around "Jake From State Farm 2.0" is annoying, but it could also mark a transition phase in the ad campaigns for the insurance company. It's just Mahomes' 2nd season as an endorser for State Farm, but the Chiefs star is better off continuing to shill for Head & Shoulders. Rodgers doesn't have a problem playing a tool in these ads, but the bloom fell off the rose for him a while ago.

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