Sunday, November 1, 2020

The more they lie, the less likely they'll win

 If you hooked up anyone in the Trump administration to a lie detector, chances are the lie detector will explode.

For example, Dumb Donald II went on Fox Shmooze and basically parroted the family party line that they are on the verge of or have defeated coronavirus, depending on who you're listening to. Laura Ingraham bought into it, knowing the Legion of The Brainwashed will buy it.

Meanwhile, Dumb Donald I, the president, is criss-crossing the country with hastily scheduled rallies, aka super-spreader events, selling lie after lie, including this latest whopper, in that doctors are supposedly inflating the number of coronavirus-related deaths, which, in this country, now stands at over 230,000, in order to make extra money.


This is the art of the con in 2020, and Trump is hoping this will get him a 2nd term. He still won't fully commit to a peaceful transition of power, although Senator Pruneface (Mitch McConnell) has said there will be one.

On Friday's 11th Hour, Brian Williams interviewed Indiana doctor Stephen Sample:

Why would Trump listen to a radiologist like Scott Atlas instead of Dr. Anthony Fauci? Because Fauci won't tumble for America's Oldest Baby, and Atlas would be happy to, just so he gets his 15 minutes. Trump would rather live in the Twilight Zone fantasy world of his own making than accept the reality that is here. Over 230,000 American lives, all innocent, have been lost to the virus. Trump has told just about as many lies in the last few years.

The Legion of The Brainwashed's Texas division blocked a Biden campaign motorcade in Austin, Texas on Friday, forcing the campaign to dial 911. No one was arrested, but maybe they should've, just to send a message to Trump that these tactics are illegal, and won't be allowed. 

You have a president who physically 74, but mentally at age 4. A toxic combination if there ever was one.

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