Wednesday, November 25, 2020

is there enough room in the Trump suite at Bellevue for another deranged lunatic?

 We know that there's one of two possible destinations for outgoing President Donald Trump come January, and the myriad golf courses he owns aren't on the list. It's either Federal prison or a mental hospital.

We also know that Rudy Giuliani has disgraced himself as a representative for Trump the last couple of years, both as a lawyer and as a GOP shill.

Better make room for another soon-to-be-disbarred legal beagle.

That would be Sidney Powell, who's milking her 15 minutes by insisting on non-existent conspiracies involving the Clintons, the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, and the GOP's favorite scapegoat, George Soros. This is despite the fact that Ms. Powell's claims have, like Giuliani's been debunked over and over again.

Farron Cousins explains:

To award Ms. Powell a Dunce Cap would be too easy. There's only one way to actually describe her behavior, and we'll give you (and her) a visual aid, thanks to a certain brand of breakfast cereal:

Bottom line: The American Bar Association needs to disbar Powell & Giuliani forthwith.

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